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A Unique & Robust Solution for
On-Metal & High Temperature (<400°F)
RFID Tag Application.

The TITAN TAG family is a group UHF RFID tags that perform extremely well in a metallic and high heat environment. Made of FR4 with hot pressed mass-layer PCB lamination and robust wire-bonding technology, these metal tags can endure +200 degrees Celsius (approximately 400 degrees Fahrenheit), 15 bar pressure, high humidity and mechanical shock for 6 hours. Chips are EPC Class1 Gen2 with ALIEN Higgs3. All TITAN products are RoHS compliant and can be pre-programmed.

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E2 & Associates

9060 Turnberry Drive
Burr Ridge, IL. 60527

Edmund Lee

Managing Director
+1 (630) 448-0098


E2 & Associates, formed in 2004, is the distributor of RFcamp's Titan Tag product line. RFcamp, formed in September 2004, is a RFID tag (inlay, label, PVC laminated, and on-metal) manufacturer headquartered in Seoul, Korea. RFcamp's diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.